Our Resort is located within an original forest of palm trees, at the junction of a virgin lagoon and the sea. We tried to link the natural environment with the resort buildings, giving a priority to the first one in search of the right balance between human intervention and nature wonderful architecture. We did not cut down a single palm tree to build our lodges.

You will enjoy our exotic botanical gardens, with a variety of tropical flowers, butterflies, and wild birds.

You will enjoy the peacefulness of the environment, swimming, canoeing or diving in the lagoon, tanning on the beach, and a whole other variety of activities.

Our Restaurant will serve you a mix of Western and African dishes.

Our resort is a non smoking area, for safety reasons, and also because we wish to respect nature and the existing laws of Liberia. We do provide 2 smoking areas.

Our Location…
Our Values…

We are located 30minutes from Monrovia and from Robert’s International Airport, close to Kpan’s Town,

on the road to Marshall, Margibi County.

On the highway to Robertsfield Airport from Monrovia, take the road

to the right after camp Shiefflin (military barracks) and follow Marshall

for 10km. You will see a signboard on the right indicating “Libassa Ecolodge”.

Take that road and follow it all the way to the end, 1.9km. There you are!

Our Eco-Resort upholds the following values:

• To provide educational, adventurous experiences in natural

environments and indigenous communities

• To have as little impact as possible on the environment both

in the building and operating of the lodge, and through the

activities offered to our guests.

• To sustain the cultural integrity of the local people by hiring

members of the community, and respecting their habitat and


• To generate revenue for the conservation of nature and

betterment of local communities through ecotourism


• To leave every guest with a delightful memory of the warm

hospitality, seamless service and charming atmosphere of the


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The Ecofriendly Beach and Lagoon Resort