* Power: Electricity in the lodges is limited to 200 watts per room. In order to efficiently utilize energy, only essential electrical appliances are used, and are certified to use very low amounts of energy. All bulbs used are energy saving bulbs with over half of them being 3W LED Bulbs. Appliances such as the refrigerators in the kitchen are Energy Star (US rating) or A/A+ (EU rating) certified.

* Solar power: All our external lighting is solar powered.

* The next phase of investment at our Lodge will be going for 100% renewable energy, through Solar Power and Wind Power.

* Solar heating: To heat water, an extensive solar heating system is in place that provides all necessary hot water for the kitchen, guests, and washing machines (the washing machines do not heat water electrically).

* Limited water consumption: The resort is supplied water from 2 local wells. Kitchen water use is strictly controlled, while aerators limit water flow from faucets and showers.

* composting: To minimize waste and utilize resources, the lodge has composting facilities where all food excess and waste is transformed into fertilizer.

* recycling waste: Although only minimal amounts of paper and plastic are used on site, most waste is recycled and recycling bins are placed in convenient locations around the lodge for guests to take part in this important initiative

* Planting: We have planted and continue to plant more trees than what we used to build our lodges.

* Animal Sanctuary: Our lodge is the last area in the zone to be covered in wild forest and vegetation, making it a sanctuary for wild monkeys, small dears, etc…

We also plan to open an animal orphanage in the near future to help save and release into the wild those wild animals that poachers sell on the roadside.


Environment Protection…

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