Welcome to Libassa Ecolodge, Beach and Lagoon Resort. We are located 30 minutes from Monrovia, in a natural tropical palm tree forest, close to nature, the sea, and a crystal clear lagoon.

We are open to all those who love nature and are looking for a calm and peaceful area to come and spend a day, a night, or a weekend.

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We are a family owned business, founded by Lisa and Rudolph.  Everything started from a crazy dream, which was to enjoy the peace and calm of the natural environment, wildlife, and exotic plants.

This is how we came to build our dream place and we wish to share it with all those who share our passion, or simply want to know more about enjoying wild nature in an eco-friendly way.

Libassa Ecolodge is just a place of dreaming people, who wish to meet with nature, where time is not a precious commodity, and simple people still find a way to look inside as much as outside of themselves.

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The Ecofriendly Beach and Lagoon Resort